Letting Go


Today I feel like I’ve overcome something that I never would. I’ve finally let go of something that has been bringing me down for so long, and I feel great. I’ve felt like that my heart can never be fixed. In the past 9 months I’ve had some ups and some very bad downs but now I feel like they’ve lead me here, and they’ve made me stronger than ever. I’ve finally realised, I don’t need anyone by my side, to lean on to get me through the days. I’m strong enough to rely on myself to get me through the shit I’ve been through and the shit I feel. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still have my down days, we all do, but I finally feel free.

I used to feel like that I had to put makeup on and do my hair so that others will think I’m pretty like the others, but I don’t.

I used to feel like I had to lose weight so that people didn’t frown at me, but I don’t.

I used to feel like I had to dress nice all the time so that I would always look okay in case I saw anybody, but I don’t.

I don’t need to go out of my way to impress people in the street who wouldn’t even know me if they met me a year on. Why did I keep going out of my way to impress the strangers who didn’t go out of their way to impress me? They don’t matter. The people who pass you, looking at your face, don’t know your personality. Its not the looks or the appearance what makes the impression, its your personality. Your kindness, your passion and your uniqueness.

Someone will walk into your life one day and they will make the bad things seem so far away, they’ll make you so happy because they will love you for you and they wont stop fighting to keep you, until its the right thing to do.

Someone will come for me, as they will for you, and they will make me feel unique but not like an outsider.

The people who you love matter. The people who love you matter. YOU MATTER.

Don’t be afraid to be different, its boring. 

It feels so good to be free🌹



Black Rose🌹


The darkness films the room,
All the corners too,
There’s not an inch of light,
I just don’t know what to do.

A spec of light appears,
Right at the end of the room,
I run run but I can’t reach,
Lost in a never ending doom.

I want light in my life,
I want to feel alive,
But I’m too scared if I do,
That I won’t survive.

I want someone to protect me,
And keep me ever so close,
I wish to stand out in the crowd,
But all I am is a little black rose.




I’m Jamie-Leigh, I’m 20 years old, from Doncaster and I’m a Depression & Anxiety sufferer. So, I decided to get WordPress because I think that it would be a good way for me to “get things off my chest”. I will more than likely be writing a lot of rants, because that’s what I do. I also write a lot of poetry and would like it to go somewhere where it can be appreciated and that others may be inspired for.

My poems are mostly about depression and anxiety and feeling like an outsider, because that’s how I’ve lived my 20 years and its all I know. For those who suffer depression feel free to talk to me any time you like. I’d love to help where I can.

If you’re struggling through a tough time, just keep your head held high. When your bad days are at their worst, remember, your good days will also out live the bad, no matter how small they may be. There is always someone out there who wants you to live another day, week, month, year etc. So don’t lose faith, be hopeful, and don’t let the depression over come you.